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Female foot in the process of pedicure p
Female foot in the process of pedicure p

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Our highly experienced team of podiatrists can diagnose and treat a variety of Lower limb conditions

 providing you with the highest level of care.

our award winning podiatry clinic in kettering is the go to place for all your lower limb issues 

our priority is to cure your foot problems.

Looking after our customers, helping them stay active and pain free is key to what we do.

We are keen on promotion of foot health education and we know how important it is to look after your feet.


We are members of the Royal College of Podiatry and are fully HCPC registered and certified to administer local anaesthetic and provide, administer and sell certain prescription only medicines.

Our experience is harnessed from working within both the NHS as well as a private practice environments.

You are in safe hands here at next step podiatry. 



Welcome to Kettering town centre's award winning podiatry clinic. 

our centre of excellence for all things lower limb. 



Mani Pedi
New Patient Appointment

All new patients must book this appointment 

includes registration and treatment. 

if you have not visited the practice for 12 months you will need to book as a new patient. 


Podiatry doctor. Treatment of feet and nails..jpg
Repeat Appointments 


Following your bespoke treatment plan we offer repeat appointments



Close up of ingrown toenail is Inflamed fingernails.jpg
Ingrown Toenail Surgery


Put a stop to those painful, infected toenails and get back to doing what you love 


Finance available

call us to apply  


Northamptonshire's first run and motion lab.

using the latest technology on the market the Footscan and treadmill gait analysis we can help you understand why you are having lower limb pain during activity.

If it's walking, running, golf, skiing or cycling our team of highly experienced

podiatrists  can help you get back on track to smash your goals.  


Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters That Form Diabetes .jpg

Diabetic Foot Assessment 

A comprehensive diabetic

foot assessment including 

Doppler examination, ABPI examination, Monofiliment test, risk assessment and a written report sent to your GP and diabetic nurse. 

we recommend you book this twice a year 



Vitamin Injections  vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D injections available now 



 struggling to walk the dog? morning foot pain getting you down? lower limb pain stopping you in your tracks ?

We are the only clinic in Northamptonshire using the latest technology in gait analysis  to get you back on your feet 


Verruca on feet dermatological issue.jpg
Verruca Needling 


a highly successful treatment for painful stubborn verrucas, 


Finance available

call us to apply

Bespoke Phits 3D printed Orthotics 
Phits is the world's first high-tech 3D printed insole, specifically designed based on your Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.


Finance available

call us to apply

Before and after successful treatment for a fungal infection on toenail.jpg
Fungal Toenail Test 

A quick accurate way to diagnose dermatophyte infection  


Vitamin C Injections

Vitamin C is used to treat colds, boost immune, lower Hypertension and guard against heart disease.


Vitamin C Injection is also known as Ascorbic acid. It plays an important role to maintain healthy skin, bones, teeth, and cartilage. 


Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy for skin. the most effective treatment on the market


Per session 

Finance options available

call us to apply






Happy Customers 


years trading 


"Absolutely amazing, I have always suffered with my toenails and plucked up the courage for surgery , I was put at ease by the friendly ladies and now I am pain free, I wish I had done this sooner - thank you so much ladies !"

Lydia Marks 

“Excellent, friendly and professional service, would recommend to anyone with feet problems.”

Dale Perry 

“Hobbled in and walked out after treatment 90% better, lovely professional young ladies - highly recommend.”

Micky Peters



Our Address

6 Lower Street 


NN16 8DH

01536 522622

Opening Hours

Monday 9-am- 5pm 

Tuesdays - closed ( care homes )

Wednesday 9am-5pm

Thursday 9am-5pm 

Friday 9am-1pm

Saturday 9am-12pm

Urgent appointments available on request