Forget what you think you know about gait analysis.

Updated: Feb 2

If your not assessing your guessing!, since joining part of the gait in motion clinic family in January 2021 this has been our mantra to offering our patients the highest standard of gait analysis in Northamptonshire. not only do we use the latest technology the Footscan we have also incorporated the EasyAngle into your biomechanics assessment. Using this technology during your appointment enables us to record accurate reliable measurements the digital goniometer allows us to measure flexion, extension and rotation - no more guess work only reliable accurate data!

The Footscan® system consists of a platform with 4000 sensors that capture the different pressures, both statically and dynamically, during the different phases of foot support during gait.

It allows us to diagnose with high precision the type of footprint, detect its alterations, risk factors for injury, causes of pre-existing pathologies and customise orthopaedic, sports, functional, or comfort insoles. As with video gait analysis pressure images can be taken barefoot, or in your existing footwear, this can highlight any complications that your footwear may be contributing to your injury.

If you have any questions about how our podiatrists can help you with your lower limb and foot pain please don't hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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