Congratulations Charlotte Purdue !

Charlotte Purdue has become the 2021 British Marathon champion and 3rd fastest British female of all time at the London Marathon today ! what an incredible performance.

Did you know that Charlotte is proud to wear her PHITS 3D printed orthotics!

Charlotte has recently spoken about her experience of using the RS foot scan for gait analysis and wearing Phits 3D printed orthotics the same amazing technology we use here in our Kettering podiatry clinic.

“The gait analysis is a gamechanger. It makes a real difference knowing that my orthotics are made specifically for me, especially when they’re based on how I run, rather than just standing on a box. Being a professional athlete, everything’s got to be so finely tuned, so it has to be customised, really. You couldn’t just go to the shop and get some random orthotics because they wouldn’t be as good. Having the extra percent fitted precisely to your foot is definitely what you need”. "Charlotte Purdue - Materialise"

Congratulations Charlotte what an athlete !

for the full article click the link below

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