verruca needling ( With Local Anesthetic)


faulkner’s needling technique

This is proving to be our mort reliable treatment for the removal of warts and is very practical for patients who cannot come in for regular treaments . Acids and Cryotherapy involve multiple appointments which can add up a lot of time out of work and expense and rely on the patient being fit and healthy and keeping the foot dry for a number of days.

Verruca Needling involves usually only one treatment session and a follow up 6 weeks later. The treatment involves a local anaesthetic to make the foot numb, and then puncturing of the verruca with a needle with the aim of innoculating the virus into the host to produce an immune reaction. Whilst the injection is a little unpleasant the needling is painfree. The foot is a little sore for a few days but no worse than most of the other verruca treatments available. please note that you cannot drive after the procedure.




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