Verruca Treatment Kettering

Verruca Treatment in Kettering at our clinic. Verrucae (plantar warts) are benign tumours caused by infection of epidermal keratinocytes by the double stranded DNA human papilloma virus (HPV). Recent studies have identified over 100 types of HPV with subtypes 1, 2 and 4 being most common on the hands and feet.

There are no treatments, either over the counter or offered in clinics, that will 100% guarantee to get rid of verruca’s. This can be very frustrating for patients especially if their verruca’s are painful or causing embarrassment, that is why Next Step Podiatry offer verruca needling  known as  Falknors needling technique which has a high (69%) chance of resolution of verruca’s with one treatment.

The needling technique is carried out  by our specialist podiatrist painlessly under local anaesthetic according to where the verruca is located.

Once no sharp sensation is felt by the patient, the verruca is punctured with a sterile needle.

We have had very good results using this technique and are proud to be one of the few podiatry clinics in Northamptonshire  that offer this treatment.

The verruca will be dressed and kept dry for 24 hours and following this, no special treatment is required. We see patients back in clinic one week after the needling treatment and then again for final inspection around ten weeks later. During those ten weeks, gradually the verruca should reduce is size and skin should return to a more ‘normal’ appearance.

For those patients suffering with multiple verruca’s, only one will need to be treated as once the body recognises the Human papilloma virus, it facilitates a desired immune response to resolve the virus.

This is a great treatment for those patients  who have tried every method of treating their verruca’s but still have long standing, painful verruca’s.

Our success rates speak for themselves !

Verruca Treatments - £32 per session or book 6 for £170 ( save £22 )

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