Orthotics Service Kettering

What are orthotics and what Do they do? Orthotics are devices which are worn in your shoes they come in many different styles and designs but the main aim of an Orthotics is to prevent or correct deformity, promote or improve function of the affected area or assist in the reduction of pain. Our Orthotics Service can be used to treat:

• Heel pain
• Painful corns
• Bunion pain
• Arch pain
• Bursitis
• Neuroma pain
• Heel spur
• Planter fasciitis
• And more

Next Step Podiatry Orthotics Service

Following on from your biomechanics assessment our HCPC registered podiatrist can then assess if you need off the shelf , bespoke or semi bespoke orthotics.
We Stock a range of off the shelf orthotics that are designed to aid in daily comfort and reduce deformity. We ensure that our orthoses are accurate in fit and provide the highest levels of function, comfort and appearance and sometimes semi bespoke or bespoke orthotics will be more suitable depending on your needs.

To make a bespoke orthotic our Kettering podiatrist take a cast of your feet and send your prescription away to an external laboratory to make your orthotic , this enables us to utilise the most advanced materials to ensure the most appropriate products are created. You can receive your new orthotics within 7- 10 days (24 hours is available, however an additional charge will occur).

Fitting your orthotics
Once we have received your new orthotics we will contact you for your fitting appointment. You will attend the Kettering foot clinic with a small selection of shoes and the podiatrist will check the orthotics fit into your shoes, you will walk around in them to check that you feel comfortable and give you advise on how to wear in your new orthotics so that you can have maximum benefit from them. You will then be given an after care leaflet.

Repairs and Aftercare
Next Step Podiatry have pride in the provision of our orthotics service and ensure that you have access to efficient and effective aftercare. You can also purchase additional insurance for your orthotics direct via our manufacturers. Once your prescription is made you can also order extra pairs at cost.

Orthtoics - off the shelf from £20 - Bespoke £230

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