Ingrown toenail surgery Kettering

Ingrown toenail surgery usually requires a one hour appointment with two podiatrists. An Ingrown toenail can happen when the toenail is too wide for the nail bed and presses in to the skin at the side of your toe it can also be caused by trauma such as an object falling onto your toe or a sporting injury It can cause infection due to bacteria entering the broken skin. Picked or jagged nails can also become ingrown and pierce the skin . ingrown toenails can weep and bleed, be unsightly and extremely painful.

Taking antibiotics can help to resolve infections but the underlying nail problem must be treated to avoid a recurrence of pain and infections and antibiotic resistance but in some cases surgery is needed.

We try our best to manage ingrown toenails conservatively, but sometimes the only solution is to remove the full nail or a partial section of the nail that is causing the issue. This can be a permanent solution when treated with a chemical to stop the nail or a portion of the nail growing back.

Following a pre op assessment next step podiatry offer ingrown toenail surgery, this minor surgery is performed painlessly under local anesthetic and the appointment is typically for an hour. We strongly advise that you rest for the remainder of the day and as long as you are careful, normal activity can resume the following day. It can take up to 6-8 weeks to heal from the minor Ingrown toenail surgery.

You can rest assured that we are experts in administering local anesthetic and offering this minor surgery. We make sure that your time with us is as relaxed and comfortable as possible and we offer aftercare advice and a package of follow up appointments.

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