Diabetic Foot Review

Our Diabetic foot review can be completed during a 30 minute appointment with our podiatrists.

We all know patients with diabetes need to look after their feet but did you know that  “diabetes leads to 169 amputations a week.That’s 24 amputations a day and 1 amputation every hour. Booking your diabetic foot checks with next step podiatry and knowing the signs to look out for could prevent this from happening”(Diabeties UK 2018)

In your diabetic foot review you will need to take off your footwear, including socks and tights. Our HCPC registered podiatrist will check the health of your feet and we will do some examinations.

Our podiatrists will check for Numbness, pins and needles or changes in sensation (also known as neuropathy) This will be tested with a special piece of equipment called a monofilament and a neurotip.

We will check your pulses and use a doppler to listen to your blood vessels to check that your circulation is adequate.

We will also check for any signs of fungal skin and nail infections as patients with diabetes have an increased risk of fungal infections.

We will also assess your skin integrity checking hydration levels of your skin as dry, cracked skin can lead to skin infections and ulcerations.

You’ll also be asked lots of questions about your feet and how you manage your diabetes. Such as:

  • What medication do you take ?
  • What was your last HBA1c ?
  • Do you have any cramp-like pains when walking?
  • Have you had any problems or noticed any changes like cuts, blisters, broken skin, corns?
  • Have you ever had any foot problems or wounds?
  • Have you had any pain or discomfort?
  • How well are you managing your diabetes?
  • How often do you check your feet?

What happens next ?

Our Podiatrist will then discuss the findings of your assessment and go through this with you in detail. You can fall into one of three categories.

  • Low – no risk, or a callus without any other problem.
  • Moderate – one sign of a foot problem such as a loss of sensation or a change in foot shape.
  • High – more than one sign of a foot problem, or a previous ulcer or amputation.
  • If your feet are moderate or high, you’ll be referred to NHS podiatry services via your GP for further treatment.

Our Podiatrists will then give you the best advise on how to how to look after your feet at home with a detailed treatment plan

We will then write a report to your GP letting them know the findings of your diabetic foot check,

You can be confident that this annual check will monitor any changes in your feet whilst  giving you the best possible advise to look after your feet.


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Diabetic Foot Review - Annual Check-up For Diabetic Patients - £42

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